tiled stove in scotland at the green energy farmer of the year awards

stainless steel outside chimney

if there is no chimney inside your house, or if your chimney is already very old and no longer functional, there is still the possibility of installing a stainless steel outside chimney. Such can be set up easily and nearly everywhere. 

setting up a combined wood-burning tiled stove using an insert by brunner

from the insert, the flue gasses flow into a chamotted blower system. the chamotted part brings the desired storage heat and slowly emits it into the room through the plastered surface and tiles.

tiled stove with hot water production

during the course of the preliminary consultation, the customer asked for a traditional tiled stove: long-lasting heat, hot water production for supplementary heating systems. we built a tiled stove with an insert, manufactured by brunner, and a kettle. the customer is able to manually switch between tiled stove operation (the hot gases flow into the chamotted part of the stove) and kettle operation (the hot gases instantly flow directly into the kettle). additionally we built in a heating start flap in order to better ensure a trouble-free working even at non-ideal outside temperatures.

after completion, a first test heating was done, so as to explain the most important aspects of such a tiled stove to the customer.